Sunday, March 27, 2016

March Mini Musings

A Good Marriage: I listened to the audio version of this novella.  It was originally part of the author's collection Full Dark No Stars.  I thought this was good.  The reveal was really disturbing.  It reminded me of the old Stephen King that I know and love.  Definitely worth a read.  I may have to track down the book and read the other ones in the collection.

The Infamous Heir: A great historical romance to warm your heart.  I loved the characters in this book.  Ethan and Roselyn were perfect for each other. I liked the "Spare Heir" society idea.  It was refreshing to read about the second son finding love and acceptance.  I definitely want to continue with the series.

The Guest Room:  I read this awhile back and it was a good book.  It was about a bachelor party that ends up in murder.  The hired "dancers" end up being sex slaves desperate the escape their captors.  The entire event takes place in an upscale, New England suburb so it ends up making the national news and tests the boundaries of the relationships of all involved.

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Marce said...

I have Guest Room as my next potential read, glad you enjoyed it.