Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Mini Musings

Enforcer's Price: I really did not care for this story. Not only was there insta-love... it wasn't believable.  I was really put off by Krista's job. I mean I guess whatever you have to do to raise your kid. But the head of the club couldn't pay her to do other things around the club? She says she loves Colt, sleeps with him, then still sells herself for money after he realizes what her job at the club was and rejects her.  Not 15 minutes after her john leaves, she almost sleeps wit Colt again.  Eww.  That is just a small portion of what is wrong with this story.  The whole stolen money scenario was dumb.  You leave your husband because he is a junkie, but you don't move your money into a bank account without his name on it? I doubt I'll continue with this series.

Wild Wicked Scot: This one was just OK for me.  I can't say that I loved the characters all that much.  It definitely dragged in places.  While I liked the HEA, it really was a struggle to get to the end and I ended up skimming in parts.

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