Thursday, February 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday: The Return of Rafe MacKade by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
First published in 1995 by Silhouette

Ten years after disappearing from Antietam, Maryland, the bad boy has returned. Cleaned up and successful now--and still dangerously good-looking--Rafe MacKade sets the town on fire, and tongues wagging.

Lovely newcomer Regan Jones is intrigued--what kind of man could cause this sort of talk? She's just about to find out....

I'm not sure I can really say I enjoyed this early book by Nora Roberts.  The Return of Rafe MacKade is the first in a series about the MacKade brothers living in a small town.  Rafe MacKade has moved back to town and is turning the local haunted house into a bed and breakfast.  Regan is helping him furnish the house with antiques.  He wants her for more than that.

I wasn't a fan of either main character.  Rafe was a jerk throughout pretty much the entire book.  I like an alpha male character, but when he asks a woman how much longer he has to wait for sex, I lose a lot of respect for said character.  Regan was kind of a wet dishrag and really uptight. She claims to be independent, but I never really saw it.  They had too much angry sex and fought all the time.  I wasn't confident in their relationship. The "Grease" ending moment was kind of ridiculous.

The side story of Cassie and her abusive husband was more interesting.  I liked the conclusion to that part of the story.  I hope she and Devon get together in a later book.

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