Sunday, June 25, 2017

June Mini Musings

Tell Me Again:  This was a fairly quick read, but I didn't really enjoy it.  Trevor was awful to Samantha throughout the book.  I never really understood why they would get back together when he acts like he did with her.  I kept hoping I would like this couple, but never did. The fact that Trevor had a child with Samantha's sister after she left made it all a bit strange and cringy.

Bachelor Auction;  I'm not sure what the deal is with heroes that are major jerks and heroines that are doormats that readers find so appealing.  I almost DNF'd this, but it was kind of like a car accident that I couldn't look away from.  I didn't buy into the romance.  Brock was a grade-A jerk and Jane was a doormat.  I didn't see how they would end up together.  This wasn't a great Cinderella "retelling"

Friend (With Benefits) Zone:   This one started out strong.  I was really loving the relationship and friendship between Devon and Jasmine.  I love friend to lovers stories and this one looked promising. However, by the half way mark, I was really looking forward to the book ending.  Jasmine just got really tiring. I felt so badly for Devon. She was so stubborn and created so much drama where there didn't need to be.  I ended up not caring if she got a HEA in the end.  The one thing that saved the book for me was the side romance.  That couple was cute.

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