Saturday, December 16, 2017

2 in 1 Novellas: Hard Line by Erin McCarthy & Hook by Lilly Atlas

Hard Line by Erin McCarthy (reissue, 2017)

Office meetings were never so hot and sexy... 

To Jared Kinkaid, the only way to keep his mind — and his hands — off his luscious co-worker Candy Appleton is to insult or ignore her at every turn. But his efforts at lust control have his boss convinced that the partners need a little help via online couples counseling. 

But when they’re mistakenly signed up for sensual couples counseling instead, Jared and Candy’s shock turns to pleasure as they each deliver some hands on therapy of their own… 

Hard Line is a re-issue of a story called "Press Any Key".  Jared and Candy want each other, but Jared is determined not to get involved with anyone at work.  So he avoids her.  His boss decides to try something unconventional to get them to be able to get along and work together on an important account. 

For me, this was an OK read. The love scenes are pretty intense, however, I didn't feel any chemistry other than lust between the couple.  I guess I had a hard time suspending disbelief that ANY boss would sign up two of his employees for couples counseling.  I know he mistakenly signs them up for a sensual couples counseling, but still.  No boss would do that.  Especially in light of today's harassment climate in the work place.  

Hook by Lilly Atlas (April 2017)

After ten years away, Marcie finally ventures back to where she grew up. She isn’t in town for twenty-four hours when she crosses paths with Hook and Striker, the two boys who kept her safe and happy as a young girl. Only they aren’t boys anymore. They are fully grown, muscular, alpha men. Members of the No Prisoners Motorcycle Club. All through her teenage years, Marcie’s heart belonged to Hook. Not that he ever seemed to notice. And it appears that as an adult, not much has changed with regard to her feelings toward the sexy biker. But a bossy, alpha man is not what independent Marcie is looking for. 

Hook takes place before any of the other books in the No Prisoners series. This is Marcie and Hook's story.  They are married later in the series, so this is the story of how they got together.  I liked that they had a history, however, the story was too short for me. I needed more of their interaction from their teen years to fully buy into the speed at which the "I Love Yous" come.  The story line with the ex-boyfriend drove me crazy.  Marcie as a bit TSTL regarding him.  Anyway, it's not a bad addition to the series.  It's a quick read and worth checking out.

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