Friday, December 29, 2017

December Mini Musings

You Can't Hide (Shadow House 2): This is the sequel to The Gathering. It's a quick read.  I won't lie, I'm still not completely sure what is going on in this overall story.  I think there really needs to be more explanations of what is going on.  I may seek out the final book to hopefully get some resolution.  I think middle graders will like this as it is spooky and pretty fast paced.

Only For You: This is the second book in the Sugar Lake series.  It's a stand alone, so you don't need to read the first one to read this one.  I was kind of underwhelmed by the book.  I didn't buy into the romance because it was so much a lust at first sight book. I get that you can be really attracted to someone, but they didn't even know each other. Honestly, it was like a pheromone overload. I didn't really feel like they spent enough time together to warrant forever. Don't get me wrong, it has a sweet HEA, but it wasn't for me.

13 Minutes:  Another YA that was kind of OK.  None of the characters are really likable or very realistic.  They were all kind of mean girl cliches. There was so much drug use and smoking in it.  Do teens really smoke that much anymore? The twist about 3/4 of the way through was good, but not surpassing.  The ending was weird and not satisfying.  I'm not totally sure I would recommend it.

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