Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2 in 1 Novellas: Knock on Wood by Jenika Snow & Heat Wave by Ceri Grenelle

I have another two novellas from the Dirty Bits collection put out by Carina Press.  These are a quick way to squeeze in some romance reading when you are short on time.

Author: Jenika Snow
Date of publication: April 16,. 2018

They call me Big Johnny, and they’re not wrong. I’m big all over, and burly, too. But when it comes to her, I’m a freaking pussycat.


There’s never been a time when she wasn’t on my mind, not even when she left Rockbridge for college. Those four years were the hardest of my life. Literally.  Saving myself for her has never been the problem. It’s telling her how I feel.  She’s back now and it’s painfully obvious to even a lumberjack like me: Flora’s not a teenager anymore. She’s a woman who knows what she wants.

That’s me…and the wood I’m packing.

Knock on Wood is the second in the Ash brothers series.  I liked this one a lot more than the first one.  It was so freaking cute. I had so much fun reading about Johnny and Flora who have loved each other from afar, finally confess their feelings for each other.  There is no angst, just a really sweet romance.  It works very well as a stand alone.  You don't need to read the first one to enjoy this one.  I highly recommend this one.

Author: Ceri Grenelle
Date of publication: April 30, 2018

This one doesn't come out until late April, so I couldn't find a good description.  The story involves Ben and Faye.  They have been neighbors for 4 months and have slowly built a friendship.  They are another couple who have wanted each other form afar, but were afraid to act on their feelings.  When there is a heat wave in the city and the lights go out, Ben and Faye find that acting in the dark might be the best decision for them.  I really enjoyed this one as well.  It was really cute.  The couple had built a relationship over the months before the night in the book. It made it more believable.  I highly recommend this one when it come  out!


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