Saturday, March 24, 2018

Books We Didn't FInish - March Edition

Can't Let Go - I wanted to love this one because I have loved this series. But I just couldn't get through it. I'm tired of reading angry romances.  Yes, Jude is suffering, but he is a complete jerk to Ryanne all of the time.  Why does she want to be around him?  Because he is hot?  Ugh. It felt so forced. I'm sorry but when a man tells you to stop flirting with him, you stop. When I got to that part and she laughed it off, I was done.

Baby Daddy - This book was really cringey.  I got about 20% in and had to give up.  I didn't buy into Emmet suggesting he get Jenna pregnant instead of her going to a clinic.  They knew each other for like five minutes.  Literally.  It came out of nowhere and didn't jive with his personality or status. I couldn't suspend disbelief long enough to understand his willingness to just have a kid out there with no contract or anything.  All because he wanted to sleep with her.  No, just no.

Seeing Red - I think this is the first book by this author that I have DNF'd in a long time.  I usually love her romantic suspense, but this one was not good.  It was just boring.  The characters were boring, the story was dull and the romance felt so forced.  I stopped at about 30%.  Hopefully, this is a one off.

Level Me Up - I do have to say that the audiobook had a good narrator and the writing was good for this one. It just wasn't enough to save the book for me.  I loved Dex, he was a sweetheart.  However, the main character, Morgan was so annoying.  She got just too clingy and I couldn't take it any more.

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