Monday, July 2, 2018

2 in 1 Novellas: Rough Ride by A.S. Green & Reporting In by Vanessa North

Rough Ride 
Author: A. S Green
Publisher: Carina Press
Date of publication:  July 2018

Summer in the barn at Camp Winnepauk is about to get interesting

For years, part-time cowboy Luke has obsessed over a beautiful green-eyed girl he once saw in a magazine. Not a model, just a girl who captured his imagination…and then fueled every sexual fantasy he’s had ever since. When that picture comes to life in the form of Tess, a twenty-year-old counselor-in-training with a sexual appetite that rivals his own, Luke has finally met his match.

Tess wasn’t thrilled about spending the summer mucking out horse stalls, but things take a dramatic turn when she meets Luke. The tall, lean cowboy delivers more than she could have hoped for, showing her exactly what her body is capable of. There won’t be weeks of flirtation for these two: Tess is impatient and her cowboy…does…not…play.

This is the type of novella that I like.  It has enough background that I feel like I can believe the relationship.  It also gives you "what comes next" in an epilogue.  Rough Ride is a short story about two people who can't deny the heat between them.  They are willing to jeopardize everything to be together.  I'll admit, I didn't love the setting.  I could understand why the owners had a no fraternization policy given the hot scenes between the main characters. However,  I did like Tess and Luke together.  It's a quick read and one I do recommend.

Author: Vanessa North
Publisher: Carina Press
Date of publication: July 2018

Behind closed doors, in the office and out, Steven and Jake explore their tastes for rough sex, chastity cages, and dominance and submission.

That Jake is Steven’s IRL boss only makes it better. 

There’s only one rule between them: no matter how hot their power play gets, it only happens if Steven feels safe. Personally and professionally.

But when what starts as two guys blowing off steam turns into real feelings above the waist, it’s not that simple. 

Going public—having a relationship—would mean putting both their jobs on the line.

I didn't really like Reporting In.  The story would have benefited from being a longer book.  The way the affair started was kind of awkward.  There was not real indication that there was an attraction, so it came out of nowhere for me.  I would have liked to see more of Steven and Jake together before to  really buy into it.  The ending was a too convenient.  I'm not sure I would really recommend this one.

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