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Blog Tour: Excerpt of Born of Sin by Deanna Richmond

Author: Deanna Richmond
Series: Born of Sin Book One
Genre: Adult
Gothic Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Independent
Publication Date: June 13, 2018

For what was foretold centuries ago had finally come to pass, and with it came a most profound storm.

Ever since Octavia Vail’s mysterious arrival upon this Earth, she’s held no memory of how she came to be. Octavia had a virtuous life, but at times felt a familiarity with the obscure. Within her, lives a great force that could not be ignored, and it has led her to the one named – Victor Logan Marcehtte.

Centuries old, Victor Logan Marchette has lived a life of influence. He, being a man of culture and prestige, holds a dark past. He was once a savage vampire but over time, has sworn his allegiance to their governing Cabalistis. There was nothing he longed for until the day Octavia entered his world.
When Victor and Octavia’s worlds collided, such a compelling love is born. 

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Enjoy this excerpt:

Octavia stepped into the main lobby of the Pennsylvania Medical Center for her night shift. Even before she’d arrived at work, everything had felt surreal. The evening breeze whispered promises, advising her of changes ahead. It felt as if a force were pulling her forward, and she had no choice but to oblige. She could not help but explore the sensation beckoning her. For the first time in her twenty-eight years, this journey felt like the right path, a path she’d chosen, a path that filled her heart with unexpected wonder.
It was her first night after a month of training on days. She looked forward to working as a pediatric nurse, her favorite unit. She remembered vividly being that scared child no one had understood — the child who had received so many stares, while few seemed to understand how frightened, how cold, and how alone she’d felt.      
The center was on the smaller side, with only three hundred beds or so, but Octavia was blown away by its extravagance. While training during the day, she’d never had time to explore the hospital. The building had the look and feel of a castle on the outside, and a modern flare on the inside. The ceilings were vaulted and the place spacious. A huge fireplace sat off on the far wall where people would gather. Burgundy and charcoal gray couches and chairs surrounded the fire. The walls were a mixture of colored stones in between tinted windows which you could not see in from the outside. Best of all, it had a great reputation for nurturing a content workforce.
As she roamed the exquisite room, like the doe child she once had been, she became overwhelmed with anticipation. Along the stone walls were stands with inspirational quotes inscribed on large tablets. One, in particular, caught her eye. It read: “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” Octavia was speechless as she wandered closer to the plaque, kissed her hand, and touched the saying with trembling fingers. She thought of her mother and all those who had loved and nurtured her.
A host of voices soon came to remind her that she was, in fact, in public, so she shook off the nostalgia and regrouped. Once she had positioned herself to leave, she felt a strong, electric surge — an intuition telling her to turn around. In the direct path of this gravitational pull stood the most striking creature she had ever laid eyes upon. As if the second hand on a clock had stopped, so did she, unable to turn away.
There he stood, on the other side of the lobby, wearing a dark tailored suit and commanding the attention of six others. His skin was a light olive tone. He had a dark beard which caressed the lower portion of his face. It connected to a well-kept mustache and surrounded his soft, full pink lips; not too full, just enough to make a girl wonder what they tasted and felt like against her skin. Standing at least six feet tall, his hands were in his pockets as he spoke in a mild manner. Octavia could not hear him, but she imagined his voice, deep, yet somehow soothing.
“My God, you are breathtaking.” Octavia’s chest rose and fell heavily as she whispered to herself. And as if he heard, the stranger became aware of her presence at that moment. Octavia's breath stuttered. She looked away for a split second, feeling herself blush, but glanced back, simply because she had to. The magnetism between the two made her shiver. In all honesty, he stole her breath away.
She had thought it impossible that he could be any more alluring, but the impossible became real when he looked her way. He was magnificent. His features were so flawlessly sculpted that he almost didn’t appear to be a living, breathing man. What she absolutely loved was the white streak in the front of his dark hair. His eyes were majestic, set in the deepest shade of blue. Those two oceanic windows both warmed and chilled her core, as a keen sense of familiarity took hold. “You cannot be real,” she whispered.
As his eyes continued to linger in her direction, his listeners waited for his attention. When it did not come in a timely fashion, the others turned to see what had caught his interest.
The world be damned. Octavia and the alluring man continued to stare at each other. Neither said a word or moved toward each other; they were simply trapped in each other’s gazes. They forgot a world existed outside of themselves. To others, it would've appeared that Octavia was held spellbound and he was the spell caster, but somehow, he was caught up in his own enchantment.
The magic broke when a woman stood in between them, blocking their view of one another and shaking Octavia out of her stupor. A fit of anger overcame Octavia as she fell back to Earth. It was such a rush that she had to catch the very breath he’d stolen. She hurried off without turning back.
Once around the corner, Octavia fell against the wall. She remained confused as to what had just happened. She covered her mouth with shaking hands, desperately trying to compose herself.
What was that?

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About Deanna Richmond

DEANNA RICHMOND was born in Long Island, New York where she lived most of her life but now resides in Colorado. As a young child, she spent many Saturdays in the library nurturing her love for books.
Deanna attended New York Institute of Technology nursing program. There, she received a Bachelors in Nursing of Science. She also has an Associates in Math & Science and is certified in Forensic Nursing. After many years of working in hospitals and travel nursing, she took time off from work to pursue a career in writing. She also writes under the pen name of Dormaine G.
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