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Blog Tour: Review & Excerpt of Her Last Love by Marcie Shumway

Reid wasn’t looking when he saw her. Katreana stayed focused so she didn’t think about that time she was left at the altar, but when she saw him, she took notice. Can he prove he won’t hurt her and can she trust him enough to move on?  Readers will fall in love with this jilted bride romance from Marcie Shumway. The 425 Madison series is back with season three and HER LAST LOVE is live!
Women were not on my radar. My business was all I needed.
Then she walked into my shop and changed all that withone look.
How was I going to convince her I wouldn’tburn her like her ex?
Men were not on my radar. After being left at the altar,I realized I needed to focus on myself and my job.
Then he walked into the room, and everything shifted.
Could I trust him enough to share my secret and move on?
I guess only time will tell…
After all, 425 Madison is the perfect place to fall in love.


My thoughts:

Her Last Love is book 22 in the 425 Madison Avenue series.   So far it's among my list of favorites from the series.  This is a sweet romance where the couple just fits so well from the beginning.  Reid has definitely made it onto my book boyfriend list.  I also liked Katreana.  I was rooting for her to go for it when it came to Reid.  My only issue was the "secret" that Katreana had.  I didn't think it was that big of a deal considering her ex bailed on her and could not be tracked down.  While she probably should have told Reid about it ahead of time, I thought his reaction was a bit overblown.   In the end, I did end up loving their story and their HEA was perfect.  I highly recommend this one!

Copyright @ Marcie Shumway 2020
“No man is ever going to be good enough for my little girl,” he whispered huskily. “But Travis is pretty damn close."           
I laughed lightly and rolled my eyes to the ceiling to ward off the waterworks. With a soft kiss to my cheek, my father released my hands and moved to my side. Looping my arm through his, I used the other hand to pick up my dress, so it didn’t drag as we walked down the stairs. With a nod of satisfaction that everyone was ready, my mother ushered the girls out with the exception of Anna and led the way down the hall. My father and I followed with my cousin on my heels, making sure the train on the dress stayed off the floor.
                My face hurt; my smile was so broad. Everyone around me was as well, and I felt like I was floating on a cloud. We reached the stairs, and I kept my eyes on my feet, so I didn’t trip, allowing my father to lead me. When I reached the bottom, I looked up and found Max, the best man, waiting at the back door with a look on his face that I couldn’t identify. Confusion and concern rolled through me since he should have been at the altar with Travis.
                “What’s going…”
                “I’m sorry, Kat,” he apologized, cutting my question off.
                I gulped.
                “Sorry for what?”
                My stomach rolled with nausea.
                “We can’t find Travis.”
                “What do you mean you can’t find him?” I asked, shaking my head.
                I felt Anna come to my side and felt her hands grip my elbow while my mother moved to my father’s other side. A united front as we’d been my entire life. It brought little comfort, especially when the next words came out of his mouth.
                “He packed a bag and took off,” he explained, tugging gently on his tie. “He won’t answer his phone.”
                “His parents?” I choked out.
                “His mother left last night, and his father is here, but severely hungover. He doesn’t know where he is either.”
                My knees threatened to buckle. This was a mistake. Something must have come up at the office, and he ran late coming back. He would be here. He had to be here. We were getting married.
                “This was with my tux.”
                The envelope, marked with the bed and breakfast logo, had my name on the front in his clear, concise handwriting. I didn’t fight the tears, I let them flow down my cheeks as I took it from him with a shaky hand. Without letting go of my father, I opened it and pulled out the small piece of paper.
I can’t go through with this. I’m sorry.

About Marcie
Marcie Shumway is a small-town girl, born and raised in Maine. She resides with her high school sweetheart on a family owned farm just miles from where she grew up. Her hubby and their four furbabies are her first loves, but they are followed closely by her writing, apple pie, and chocolate.
Marcie started writing short stories in middle school for her classmates to enjoy. They were always love stories with happy endings and spurred her dream of being a published author. Chasing that dream as an adult, she continues to write stories for her readers to love. An avid reader herself, Marcie thrives on the books of her favorite authors and when not writing, can be found curled up in her favorite spot with a good book in hand.
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