Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Blog Tour: Excerpt of Deserted by Tasha Lewis

Shipwrecked, he’s stuck on an island with the one woman in the world who can’t stand him. DESERTED is a Little Mermaid retelling by Tasha Lewis that gives love a voice. Contemporary romance fans of the enemies to lovers trope will love this new taken on an old story. Part of the Internet Famous Collection, DESERTED is now LIVE!
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Deserted on an island with no social media, no fans following me around, and no uncle breathing down my neck. I'd call it a vacation, if i weren't stuck with the one woman who can't stand me.
And she doesn't talk, which makes me way too focused on her body, and not so much interested in the language. Despite the promise I made, I can't keep my hands off her.
I want to get her out of my system, but when our lips touch, there's no stopping the connection between us. Every day we're alone together, I want her more, and I long to be less of the player I used to be.
Until we get rescued, and the past weasels it's way between us. How can I get her to understand me without using my voice?
A Little Mermaid retelling told from the point of view of Easton McCoy, the Internet Famous Blogger of the Sea

Copyright 2020 @ Tasha Lewis
I rub the salt and sand out of my eyes.
When I open them, all I see is the expansive clear blue sky above me.
What the hell? I can’t conjure up anything else besides to say that several more times.
With one bum shoulder, I move slowly to figure out if any of my other extremities are in pain. I pray nothing is broken. My feet are slow to cooperate, but I’m able to move both around in a circle. I move up to each joint of my body and find only my left shoulder is out of sorts. Sitting up, I look around and find I’m on some beach, pieces of driftwood around me, but nothing else that I can see.
What happened? I wonder once again, trying to get my brain to recall… anything. Nothing comes to me as I take in the lapping waves of the sea.
Something hits my head, and I wince in pain as I shift around me. Moving my shoulder too quickly, I hiss in pain.
I see a pair of legs several feet away from me. My eyes travel up to a pair of shorts, and I see blonde hair at her waist. A woman with an hourglass shape stares at me with her hands on her hips and a pissed expression.
“What!?” Irritation radiates through me. I rub the spot on my head that she hit and see a small rock in the sand next to me. The urge to throw it back at her overwhelms me, and I follow through with it.
She dodges it easily and storms off.
What the hell? Apparently, I can’t string any other thought together today.
Standing, I move to follow her. My strides eat up the distance between us, and I reach for her elbow and pull her to a stop.
“Where are we? What happened?” I ask as I stare into her crystal blue eyes, the color of the sea. A memory tries to surface, but it’s murky, and I shake it away as a throbbing sensation radiates through my skull. I hiss and close my eyes. The palm of my right hand cradles my head as I bend down.
Soft hands grab for my head, and I allow her to hold it for a second as I count backward, trying to get the pain to recede just a little. Her fingers gently move around my head until I hiss and pull away from her. “Ouch!” I shout at her, and she recoils, hands flying around her and lips moving, but no sound comes out.
Reaching for the spot on my head that gave me the pain, I place my fingers there and gently poke at it and hiss once again. I bring my fingers to inspect them and see them coated with fresh blood. Well, shit.
I look to the side and then up to the beauty in front of me as I try to piece any memory together.

About Tasha
Tasha Lewis is a sweet contemporary romance author who grew up with her head in the clouds. Her passion for life has always kept her dreaming and moving forward. She believes in fate and is a true romantic at heart. Tasha is certain that anything can be solved with a good cup of coffee and a dog or two at your side.
When she isn’t reading, which isn’t often, she is usually working on a craft or three – she can never just stick with one. Join her on her journey of publication, crocheting and any other craft she is working on.
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