Sunday, October 3, 2021

Books I DNF'd in September

:  This is the second book that I have DNF'd by this author.  I think she may just not be for me.  I was so bored.  The characters were whiny and boring, especially the children.  I honestly did not care what happened to this family.

Horrid:  This was a  weird Ya horror.  I spent what little of the book that I did read kind of confused as to what was happening.  I also had a hard time with the main character's eating habit.  I  found the characters annoying.  I never liked books where the new girl is automatically hated by the mean" girl in school.  I wouldn't recommend it.

Duke Who Knew Too Much:
When I go into a romance of any kind, I really don't want to read an explicit sex scene with the hero and another character who isn't the heroine/future love interest.  That really turned me off this book.  Both characters were unlikable.  I made it about 30% in and gave up.

The Other Passenger:  I was looking forward to this one and was all.  Right up to the point that the main character, whose only perspective we get, tells us about his affair.  Sorry dude, but you deserve everything you get for cheating on your long time partner.  At almost 50, you should know better.  I hate cheating and had no desire to see what happened.

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