Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Deeper Than the Dead

by Tami Hoag

Lately I started listening to audiobooks in the car as I run all my errands. This is the most recent audio book I listened to and I'm very glad I did (as opposed to reading the actual book). Kirsten Potter did an excellent job bringing the characters to life and her overall tone of voice was quite suited for audiobooks. The story itself was quite good, but a little predictable. I suspect that may have been the author's intent though, to make the reader feel smarter. I found myself drawn to the characters particularly Tommy, although at a few spots I wish there would have been a little more information. I wondered why this one did that? Or where did this one go? There were several references to Janet's childhood, but there was never any explanation as to what went on. And what happened to Dennis?? These, however, are minor little details that aren't really important in the end. The story was well written and well read and so engaging that at times I hated getting to my destination. I would end up sitting in my car listening to the story to see what would happen next! I think a present day sequel would be fun...find out where everyone ended up and everyone's seemingly perfect lives are turned upside down by the return of the creepy Dennis Farman (sp? I never saw it spelled out!!) or is it just a coincidence?? There's you an idea Tami Hoag! :)

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