Wednesday, June 30, 2010


By:  Lisa Jackson (apparently her website is down or I'd provide a link)

I read this book because it was available on Kindle for $.79, but unfortunately it's back up to regular price.  I've always really enjoyed Lisa Jackson and this one didn't let me down either.  To be honest, the first third of the book was kinda boring and I was wondering where it was gonna go.  I stuck with it though and I'm glad I did.  About half way through it started getting really interesting and ended with a bang.  I loved the characters, particularly Annabelle.  It amused me that the dog's name was Bella, I wondered if that was a dis on Twilight's Bella.  Anyway, the ending was a great surprise and kinda different and twisty. 

In honor of Waiting on Wednesday and Lisa Jackson my pick this week would be:

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