Monday, January 10, 2011

10 On The 10th

Missy Ann's Top 10 Most Wanted of 2011

1. Meljean Brook's Heart of Steel, book 2 in her Iron Seas steampunk world.

2. Jaci Burton's The Perfect Play. The cover... it sold me the book.

3. Patrick Rothfuss's The Wise Man's Fear, 2nd book of the Kingkiller Chronicles.

4. Staci Kane's 4th installment of Downside Ghosts - still to be named.

5. Justin Gustanis (anthology) Those Who Fight Monsters - check out the authors, looking like a sure winner. Adore this cover too.

6. Jane Auel's The Land of Painted Caves, this is it folks. This is the finale to Earth's Children. I think I've been waiting for this book since I was 12.

7. Kresley Cole's Dreams of a Dark Warrior. When my friends come to me and ask "I've read the BDB and loved them. What should I read now?" Cole's Immortals After Dark series is where I send them.

8. Jim Butcher's Ghost Story, Dresden Files #13. After the way Changes ended... Butcher owes me an explanation. ;)

9. J.R. Ward's Lover Unleashed, BDB #9. It's the Brothers... must read.

10. Rachel Harrison's Pale Demon, The Hallows #9.

Going over this list most of the releases are first quarter '11. I think I'll come back in the Spring with a list for summer. Until then, happy reading!

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Annette said...

We've got a few in common...not surprising!