Sunday, July 15, 2012

Series Week - The Ash Trilogy by Shiloh Walker

If You Hear her (Ash Trilogy Book #1)
Author: Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Date of Publication: October 2011

The scream Lena Riddle hears in the woods behind her house is enough to curdle her blood-she has no doubt that a woman is in real danger. 

Ezra King is on leave from the state police, but he can't escape the guilty memories that haunt his dreams. When Ezra hears her story of an unknown woman's screams, his instincts tell him that Lena's life is also at risk-and his desire to protect her is as fierce as his need to possess her.

This is the first in a recently published series by Shiloh Walker.  I haven't read much by her, but this series looked good, so I gave it a shot.  If You Hear Her was really good.  I loved Lena and Ezra together. Neither one is looking for a relationship, but it is almost too hard to resist. Lena is a great character.  Even though she is blind, she lives a relatively normal life.  When she hears a woman scream in the woods late at night, her investigation sets off a series of events that rocks the whole town. The mystery isn't really solved in this book.  It seems that it is a story arc through the whole trilogy. There are a lot of other interesting characters that round out the story nicely and probably appear in the other books. In all, not a bad start to the series.

If You See Her  (Ash Trilogy Book #2)

Author: Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Date of Publication: January 2012

Hope Carson may not look like a survivor, but she has escaped an abusive ex-husband and recovered from a vicious assault. 

 As Hope’s past catches up with her in the worst way, Remy is determined to break through her defenses, earn her trust, and keep her safe in his arms—before it’s too late.

I liked the second in the series.  Hope and Remy are adorable together.  I loved how Remy courts her and takes his time earning her trust.  Hope had been through so much in her life, yet in the end she was a really strong person.  Her ex-husband learns of her whereabouts and is back to stalk her.  There were some pretty tense moments in the end.   The mystery of the who killed the girls is still not solved in this one.  While it is pinned on someone, that person so obviously did not do it.  I was pretty sure I had it figured out by the end of this book. 

If  You Know Her (Ash Trilogy Book #2)

Author: Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Date of Publication: February 2012  

Nia Hollister doesn’t scare easily. She’s returned to Ash, Kentucky, with a vengeance—and with a mission: find the killer who brutally ended her cousin’s life. What she didn’t count on was trembling with desire every time she sees Law Reilly. If any man can help her escape the nightmares for a while, it’s him. But can she allow herself to take comfort in those strong arms when her sister’s killer still roams free?

This is the conclusion to the series.  I was happy to see that I was correct in my guess as to who the killer was in book #2.  I love it when that happens.  That said, it was a satisfying wrap up to the trilogy. 

 While I ultimately liked Law and Nia together, I wasn't sure I really bought their attraction at first.  It was really more like a lust at first sight, not love.  I felt a little forced to me.  But, I loved Law so I hoping for his HEA!  

I definitely recommend this trilogy.  I would recommend reading them in order to make the mystery arc flow better.  I know I'll be seeking out more by Ms. Walker!

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