Monday, July 16, 2012

Series Week: Lorien Legacies

A year and a half a go I read the first book in the Lorien Legacies series, I Am Number Four.  I reviewed it back in February 2011.   The basic gist of the review was that I liked it. 

The Power of Six is the next book in the series.  It picks up at the end of I Am Number Four.  This book however focuses on different characters.  It tells the story of Six and her life. 

Again, I really liked this book.  I think this series is a really good "gateway" series for teens to get interested in the adult thrillers.  There aren't really a lot of really good contemporary YA thrillers, at least not that I've read.  They're either dystopian or post apocalyptic.  Adult thrillers tend to be more mysteries or political in nature and this sort of combines that in a very light way that still appeals to YA readers. 

The next book in this series comes out later this year.  It's called The Rise of Nine.  Looks like the current release date is late August so there won't be too much longer to wait.  I know I'll definitely be picking up The Rise of Nine whenever it comes out!

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