Thursday, July 12, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Secrets & Lies by Lisa Jackson

Author: Lisa Jackson
First published in 1993 by Harlequin
Audio-book by Brilliance Corporation

"He's a bad boy"  Famous criminal defense attorney Jackson Moore thought he had left his bad-boy past behind him--but his childhood sweetheart had different plans for him.

"He's just a cowboy" For six agonizing years Heather Tremont Leonetti tried to make a lie of the breathless summer when rodeo rider Turner Brooks broke her innocence and branded her heart. But now only the truth could save her most precious, cherished memento.

Secrets and Lies contains two of Lisa Jackson's earlier romances.  They are books 1 and 2 of a 4 part series.  After reading these,I have definitely begun haunting my library for the last two. Each story is split into two parts, then and now.  I liked the format because I didn't have to be told the back story in multiple flashbacks.  That made it more entertaining for me.  

The first book is He's a Bad Boy.  Jacskon Moore and Rachelle Tremont ended up sharing a night of passion the same night as the towns golden child is murdered.  Rachelle is ostracized by the town when she supplies an alibi for Jackson when he is accused of murder.  Now they have both come back to their home town seeking answers to what happened that night so long ago.  The love story in this one was very sweet.  I love lost love stories.  I was rooting for their HEA.  The murderer was pretty easy to pick out, but it didn't ruin the story for me.

He's Just a Cowboy was also pretty good.  I didn't like it was much as the first, though.  A few things bothered me.  Turner Brooks was a playboy who took Heather's innocence one steamy summer.  He leaves and she discovers she is pregnant with his child. 6 years later, her son is sick and she needs his help.  While I liked the characters and their love story, I was bothered by the lack of birth control use in this story.  I thought Turner's reaction to Heather getting pregnant again after they hooked up was a bit harsh.  You would think that 6 years later, they would both understand the birds and the bees.  At any rate, it was still an enjoyable read.

If you missed these two throwbacks, pick up the audio-book.  It was well done and worth a listen!

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