Sunday, May 5, 2013

Review: Shiver by Karen Robards

Author: Karen Robards
Publisher: Gallery Books
Date of Publication: December 2012

When she swore off love, he was the last man she imagined would steal her heart. If driving a piece-of-crap tow truck through the seediest part of town with a Smith & Wesson beside her means putting a roof over her son’s head, then Samantha Jones is going to be the best damn repo woman on the books. The streetwalkers, the drug pushers, the bands of looking-for-trouble punks haunting the mean streets at midnight don’t intimidate her. These are her people. The guy she finds bound and bloodied in the trunk of her latest conquest, a flashy new BMW, is a different breed entirely.

Shiver is the latest by Karen Robards.  She is an automatic author for me.  Even though her books can be predictable at times, I still enjoy them.  This book was pretty fast paced with  a lot of action.  It made the story fly by pretty quickly   It's an enjoyable story-line with a "who can you really trust" feel to it.  There was a twist at the end that I liked.  

I liked Sam and Danny.  I thought is was interesting that Sam could fall for Danny while she thought he was  a scumbag FBI agent turned criminal.  I think it didn't bother me as much because, as the reader, I knew who he really was and what his character was really like.  Their chemistry was pretty strong and very steamy.  

The only thing that really bothered me about the book was Sam's son Tyler.  He is supposed to be 4 years old.  But he really acted and spoke like he was older, more like 8 or 9.  He was much more observant  and mature than most 4 year olds I know.  So that just drove me crazy throughout the book.  

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