Thursday, May 30, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Search for Love by Nora Roberts

Author: Nora Roberts
First published in 1982 by Silhouette

He harbored dark suspicions about Serenity and her parents. He was jealous, impossible and demanding. He was enigmatic, charming and aristocratic. He made passionate love to her even while condemning her.

So why in heaven's name had Serenity Smith from Georgetown, Washington, D.C., forever lost her heart to her French cousin, Christophe, Count de Kergallen?

When I read books like this early one from Ms. Roberts, I have to remind myself  how far this author has come from the early years.  I love her writing, but this book was just awful.  I wasn't the writing, it was the story.    Serenity travels to Brittany to connect with her long lost family.  Her cousin by marriage does nothing but be a jerk to her, yet she falls in love with him.  How and why?  Because he is a good kisser?  I didn't buy the love story at all.  Honestly, be cause there is no love story. The mystery of the missing painting wasn't even exciting enough to save the book

listened to the audio and the narrator didn't do that great of a job.  The french accents were bad and I couldn't distinguish between the male and female voices.  I don't think that would have made much of a difference, but I thought I would mention it anyway. I'd say skip this one.  Nora has lots of other, much better earlier works.

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