Monday, May 6, 2013

The Never List by Koethi Zan

by:  Koethi Zan
published by:  Pamela Dorman Books/Viking
publish date:  July 16, 2013

For years, best friends Sarah and Jennifer kept what they called the 'Never List': a list of actions to be avoided, for safety's sake, at all costs. But one night, they failed to follow their own rules.

Because of a childhood accident Sarah and Jennifer spent their teen years compiling lists of things not to do.  They consult the odds on all kinds of various accidents and the probability of their occurrence and how to avoid them.  When they set out for college they know they're prepared for every eventuality.  Until one night, when they let their guard down.  That's all it took for them to both be kidnapped.  They were both help captive for nearly 3 years before one escapes.

I thought this was a great book.  I like my psychological thrillers to be dark and twisty and Koethi Zan definitely delivered on that.  There were some really freaky things going on in this book.  The ending was a great surprise.  I kept waiting for one thing and got something totally different and I love that in a book.

I would definitely recommend this book for those that like the dark thrillers.  Fans of Gillian Flynn and Chevy Stevens will eat this one up.  Fantastic first book from Ms. Zan, I can't wait to read more!

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