Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: Getting Rowdy by Lori Foster

Author: Lori Foster
Publisher: Harlequin
Date of publication: September 2013

Charismatic bar owner Rowdy Yates isn’t the kind of man women say no to. So when he approaches waitress Avery Mullins, he fully expects to get her number. However, the elusive beauty has her reasons for keeping her distance—including a past that might come back to haunt them both.

Avery spends her nights working for tips… and trying to forget the secret Rowdy is determined to unearth. But when history threatens to repeat itself, Avery grows to rely on Rowdy’s protective presence. As the sparks between them ignite, she will be forced to choose between the security she’s finally found… and the passion she’s always wanted..

Getting Rowdy is the third book in the "Love Undercover" series by Lori Foster.  I have really been loving this series so far.  It's really getting hard to pick a favorite in this series, because the books keep getting better and better.  I loved this book.  Rowdy is such a likable guy.  He grew up to be street tough but he is also a really sweet guy.  He is loyal to those he loves and always defends the little guy. I have to say that a few of the scenes Rowdy has with Marcus had me choking up!

I liked Avery.  Even though she comes form money and privilege, she is comfortable in her own skin and isn't afraid to work for what she has.  She gives Rowdy a run for his money!  The two were perfect for each other. I loved their banter and the heat the two generate just sizzles off the pages! Both of them have secrets in their past and it takes them a long time to come to truly trust each other. The mystery of who is stalking Avery was really good.  I was very surprised at the twist in the end.

Past characters make an appearance in the book, which is something I love about Ms. Foster's series. Pepper was funny and fiercely protective. I just loved what Reese and Alice did for Marcus. Dash is there and we have a hint as to what is coming in the next book.  But, the most interesting character is Cannon.  He is new to the series and I REALLY hope he gets his own story!

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