Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Overheard and Undenied by Maya Banks

For Throwback Thursday this week, I have the remaining two books in in the "Unspoken" series by Maya Banks. I reviewed the first on, Understood, back in August.

The second book, Overheard (Samhain Publishing, 2007), features Luke and Gracie's story.  I liked this one the best out of the three in the series.  Gracie and Luke have been best friends for ever.  When he over hears her talk about a fantasy that she wants to fulfill, he decides he wants o be the man to do it.

I liked watching their friendship turn into love.  I also loved how Luke courted Gracie first.  What was the fantasy?, Well you have to read the book to find out.  I'll just say that Ms. Banks knows her way around a steaming hot love scene! (hint - the cover should give you an idea.)

The final book in the series, Undenied (Samhain Publishing, 2007),
was the one I really didn't care for.  I did love Wes.  He was just too funny and very sweet.  I loved how hung up he was on his first experience with Payton.  Most guys probably don't remember things from when they are 18.  Made me love him more.

What I didn't like was the "love" came way too fast for me.  They hooked up once 12 years before.  They meet up again have sex and now they are in love?  Didn't buy it.  I also didn't care for Payton too much.  The epilogue was a nice warp-up to the entire series.  All three books are short, so give them a shot if you have an afternoon.

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