Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Golden Eyes by Maya Banks

Author: Maya Banks
First published in 2008 by Loose-Id

When Sheriff Duncan Kennedy finds an injured cheetah in his mountains, he brings it home, determined to find out how she got there and stop the poachers who were hunting her. When he later checks on the cheetah and instead finds a gorgeous, naked woman with an arrow in her leg, he's completely flabbergasted.

For six months, Aliyah Carver has been trapped in cheetah form. Taken by poachers who import exotic animals to illegally hunt, she stayed in animal form to avoid detection. She escaped the hunters, but now she faces another problem -- a devastatingly sexy sheriff who now knows her secret.

The book is really short.  It was only 4 discs long.  I think that this may have been more enjoyable had it been a longer book.  I had a hard time buying that Duncan and Aliyah fell in love.  The "insta-love" just didn't work for me.  I just couldn't figure out when they were supposed to have fallen in love.  For the few days they are together, all they do is have really raunchy sex.  Now, for those of you who read this blog regularly, you know that I do like some erotica   This one, not so much.  It was kind of crude and I found myself being put off by it during the bedroom scenes.  

Knowing this is one her the author's early erotica short stories, I keep reminding myself that her writing has much improved in recent books.  I have enjoyed her historicals.   I can't really say that I liked this one that much.   This is probably a safe one to skip.  It's not one that I would recommend.

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