Monday, May 26, 2014

Books We Didn't Finish May Edition

I didn't finish The Mirk and Midnight Hour because I was thoroughly bored.  I thought I was going to get a completely different novel than the one I was reading.  I was expecting much more magic and fantasy.  I got to disc three and just didn't really care about any of the characters.  I wasn't invested enough to stick it out. Autumn liked it. (read her review.)

I gave up on All the Birds, Singing after the first CD.  I had no idea what was going on.  The story was all over the place.  The shifts in time were abrupt and not clearly marked.  I just couldn't get into the groove of that.  The past excerpts seemed to go in reverse order further confusing me.  I shouldn't have to work that hard for a good story.

First I tried reading These Dark Things. But the Italian names and words kept tripping me up.  Then, I tried to listen to the audio-book.  Often having someone read them to me helps the flow of the book more.  Unfortunately, it didn't help the story.  I was just bored and only made it through the first disc.

With The Here and Now, like Autumn (see below), I gave up on this one about 20 minutes into the book. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be.  One thing I didn't buy into is if you are trying to keep a low profile, why would you allow your children to go to school and  interact with other people.  You can't control everyone.  I also saw the potential for YA insta-love angst.  Just, please no more!
The Here and Now:  Every now and then I get totally burnt out on YA sci fi and I just can't take anymore.  The Here and Now was just a casualty of my being fed up.  The second the characters started getting a little bit angsty and whiny, that was it.  Unfortunately for this book, that was about 20 minutes into it.

Until You're Mine:  I had the audiobook and the reader's voice was awful.  I can't imagine that was her real voice as it was really high pitched and nasally.  I hope it was just an affectation she was using for the production and the English accent was terribly off-putting.  I gave it about 30 minutes and that was just enough of that.

The Sleep Room:  Again, another audiobook with another English accent.  This time it wasn't so awful.  Male reader and his wasn't bad, but it was a snoozefest.  Ha ha see what I did there?  It's a book called The Sleep Room and I called it a snoozefest.  I'm being a bit harsh.  It wasn't too bad, it was just a bit dark and dreary and slow and I think at the time, it wasn't something I was in the mood for.  It's probably more of a winter time book, dark, rainy, weekend book.  Not a middle of a bright spring day book.

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Marce said...

Give Until You're Mine another try but reading it. She is a great author, I enjoyed this one.

I am not an audio fan.