Thursday, May 8, 2014

Throwback Thursday: No Ordinary Man by Suzanne Brockmann

Author: Suzanne Brockmann
First puiblished in 1996 by Harlequin

Vital Statistics of Rob Carpenter:
- early thirties
- traveling consultant
- no family
- likes Chinese takeout and action moves

That was all Jess Baxter knew about her newest tenant, Rob Carpenter. That and the fact that he liked her daughter--and was the sexiest guy she'd ever met. But as Jess found out, no one got to know the elusive Mr. Carpenter. He was a master at dodging questions...and igniting her desires. With just one of his searing kisses, Jess was hotter than the Florida sun.

But then the murders started--all women who looked like, her. And the profile of the killer matched Rob... Was Rob an innocent victim--or had his burning kisses only been a smoke screen? One thing was certain: Rob Carpenter was no ordinary man.

I thought that last week's Throwback Thrusday book was bad, but this one is a close second.  I honestly am not even sure why I finished this book.  It is probably because I just wanted to see if my guess at who the serial killer was correct.   Some of the scene were just painfully long.  Not much happens in the first half of the book, except the hero keeps telling the heroine that he wants her, but can't have her.  But the thing that had me really not liking the book was the portrayal of the FBI agents.  Nobody is that stupid.  If you have 4 sets of unidentified fingerprints in a room, you fingerprint all available men who might have been in the room to rule them out.  You don't just assume that your #1 suspect's fingerprints are one of them.  Also, the profiler just seemed like a patronizing idiot.  These two things alone turned me off of the book.  I was totally right in who the killer was so I was a little satisfied in the end.

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Unknown said...

Uh, who is the killer? I'm listening to the story as a library-borrowed audio book and I'm getting sick of it. Since tracking down a paper copy of it is too much work, I'd like you to tell me who it is. Is it Frank?