Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Secrets & Shadows novellas by Shiloh Walker

Today is release day for Long for Me by Shiloh Walker.  To celebrate, I have all three novellas in the Secrets & Shadows series.  These three novellas lead up to her new book, Deeper Than Need which comes out in June.

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This trio of novellas introduces the readers to the town of Madison and the Bell siblings.  Their mother disappeared without a trace years before and it still haunts them today.  

In  Burn For Me (Secrets & Shadows 0.5) (St. Martins Press, April 2014)  Tate Bell and Ali have been "friends with benefits" for a couple of years.  The problem is that Ali is in love with Tate, but he keeps her at a distance.  He thinks that his father killed his mother, Nicole, and as a result, he fears that he may turn into an abuser.  

I liked this one because it did a great job setting up the back story for the siblings.  I also loved Tate and Ali.  I was really hoping they would make it.  I thought their ending was really sweet.  

In Break For Me ((Secrets & Shadows 0.6) (St. Martins Press, April 2014), Jensen Bell who is the middle child, has grown up to become a cop in town.  There is major chemistry between her and the new DA, Dean West.  Out of the three, I think I liked this one the least.  I thought Dean and Jensen's relationship was a bit rushed.   But I could see the potential for a HEA for them. 

Dean's back-story was really heartbreaking.   We also learn some more about the disappearance and death of the the siblings' mother.  It ended with me wanting to finally know what happened 12 years before.

The final novellaLong for Me (Secrets & Shadows 0.7)(St. Martins Press, May 2014) was my favorite of the three.  I really loved Christina and Guy together.  Guy has been in love with Christina forever. I really love friends to lovers stories.  I was really rooting for Christina to realize that the love of her life has been in front of her all along.   

In this one, we finally learn the truth of what happened that night. This trio of short stories was a great way to introduce the people in the town.  I look forward to reading Deeper than Need when it comes out in June!

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