Monday, February 2, 2015

Blog Tour: All That Glitters by Michael Murphy

Author: Michael Murphy
Publisher: Alibi
Date of Publication: January 06, 2015

In Michael Murphy’s rollicking new Jake & Laura mystery, the hard-boiled writer and the aspiring movie star head for sun-drenched Los Angeles, where a cold-blooded murderer lurks behind the scenes.

Just arrived from New York, Broadway actress Laura Wilson is slated to star in Hollywood’s newest screwball comedy. At her side, of course, is Jake Donovan, under pressure to write his next mystery novel. But peace and quiet are not to be had when an all-too-real murder plot intrudes: After a glitzy party, the son of a studio honcho is discovered dead from a gunshot wound. And since Jake exchanged words with the hothead just hours before his death, the bestselling author becomes the LAPD’s prime suspect.

In 1930s Tinseltown, anything goes. Proving his innocence won’t be easy in a town where sex, seduction, and naked power run rampant. With gossip columnist Louella Parsons dead-set on publicizing the charges against him, Jake has no choice but to do what everyone else does in the City of Angels: act like someone else. Blackie Doyle, the tough-talking, fist-swinging, womanizing hero from Jake’s novels wouldn’t pull any punches until he exposed the real killer—nor will Jake, to keep the role of a lifetime from being his last.

All the Glitters is the sequel to The Yankee Club (My review) I really enjoyed going along on another adventure with Jake and Laura.  This time around, they are in California so that Laura can star in her first moving picture.  When the screen play writer is murdered after a party, Jake becomes the number one suspect.  He must prove he is innocent or lose the future he wants with Laura.

There are a number of suspects, so the story really keeps you guessing until the end.  With actors, directors, and the mob, you never know who is telling the truth and who is putting on an act.  I don't want to give too much of the plot away, because it would ruin it.  But, just when I thought I had it figured out, I found out I was totally wrong.  

As I said before, it was fun to visit with Jake and Laura again.  I love this couple.  They make a great team.  If you have ever watched any of the Nick and Nora Charles movies, you will understand what this couple is like.  They have great banter and a lot of love and affection.  And, speaking of Nick and Nora, actor William Powell makes an appearance in the book as well as some other known celebrities.  These cameos are one of the other things that I love about this series.

I highly recommend this book and the first book, I hope another Jake and Laura book comes out soon!

About the author:

Michael Murphy is a full-time writer and part-time urban chicken rancher. He lives in Arizona with his wife of more than forty years and the four children they adopted this past year. He’s active in several local writers’ groups and conducts novel-writing workshops at bookstores and libraries.

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Michael Murphy said...

As you might suspect, I'm having great fun creating the Jake and Laura series. So glad you enjoyed it. It's an honor having me on your terrific blog.

Anonymous said...

Jake and Laura are a couple that I definitely want to get to know!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.