Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Silent Warrior by Donna Kaufman

Author: Donna Kaufman
First published in 1997 by  Loveswept

Her note read, "I'm in trouble," and John McShane sensed the desperation in Cali Ellis's plea for help. He'd flown to the Caribbean on a rescue mission, but the woman whose defiant beauty still heated his blood refused to leave without answers. Unable to deny her desire for this fierce warrior, Cali longed to taste the fire of his possession. She'd always trusted him with her life, but was she sure enough to dare surrender?

Silent Warrior is the second in the Delgado Dozen series.   John McShane showed up briefly in the first book, Santerra's Sins.  This time around, McShane receives a note from an old friend saying she is in trouble.  He has loved her forever, but she was married to his partner.  After 10 years, he can't resist lending a helping hand. Cali is in trouble, but she isn't exactly sure who is after her or why.  She just knows that is has to do with something her long dead husband was working on before his death 10 years earlier.  She is hoping her old  John will be able to help.

This one was just kind of OK for me.  Throughout the book, I kept feeling like I was missing a key piece of the plot.  So, the mystery was just kind of meh.  The romance was too rushed.  I know that John had wanted Cali for a long time.  So his fall was understandable, but for Cali, it should have been slower.  She had no idea he felt that way about her.  The whole thing seemed too rushed and force.  The next one is Light My Fire and it's T.J.'s story.  I'll be giving it a shot soon.

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