Thursday, February 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Mac's Angels: Midnight Fantasy by Sandra Chastain

Author: Sandra Chastain
First published in 1995 by Bantam; Re-issued in 2013 by Loveswept

At the stroke of midnight, he opened his door to a dream...

Just when quarterback Joe Armstrong had decided his life was over, the dorbell rang--- and a long legged enchantress made him reconsider! Annie Calloway insisted she wasn't a vision or a witch, just someone who cared, but Joe didn't want his soal saved...only a kiss that tasted of paradise. Could a wildfire angel who'd nearly surrendered to sorrow herself heal a hero who'd forgotten how to dream?

Weaving heartbreak & humor into a tale of sizzling senusality & magic, bestselling author Sandra Chastain sends a heavenly heroine to the rescue of a wounded warrior. Once she'd convinced him he had a reason to live, could he persuade her that she was his reason to love?

Midnight Fantasy is the first in a throwback series by Ms. Chastain and the first I have read by this author.  I was intrigued by the premise behind the book and for the most part, I enjoyed it. Joe has extreme guilt over the death of his best friend in a boating accident.  Annie has been sent to try to bring him out of hiding and back into life.She has been hired by a secret agency who sends "angels" to people when they need them the most.  Annie harbors a secret of her own and may just need Joe as much as he needs her.

I thought the romance part was cute.  They two of them got along well and I believed their attraction.  The thing I was on the fence about was the time line.  Both of the characters have huge problems that they need to overcome and I didn't buy that one week would be enough time to overcome them.  The other thing that disappointed me was the lack of information about Mac and how his "agency" came about.  I kind of felt like I was missing back story on that aspect.  As this is the first book, I was surprised  and would have liked more background.  

The epilogue sets up the next book, Sinner and Saint.  I have it in my TBR pile, so keep an eye out!

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