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Blog Tour: Dark Screams Vol.3 anthology

Authors: Peter Straub, Jack Ketchum, Darynda Jones, Jacquelyn Frank, and Brian Hodge
Publisher: Hydra (Random House)
Date of publication: May 2015

Peter Straub, Jack Ketchum, Darynda Jones, Jacquelyn Frank, and Brian Hodge contribute five gloomy, disturbing tales of madness and horror to Dark Screams: Volume Three,edited by Brian James Freeman and Richard Chizmar of the celebrated Cemetery Dance Publications.

A mere child yet a precocious writer, young Freddie records a series of terrifying encounters with an inhuman being that haunts his life . . . and seems to predict his death.

GROUP OF THIRTY by Jack Ketchum
When an award-winning horror writer on the downward slope of a long career receives an invitation to address the Essex County Science Fiction Group, he figures he’s got nothing to lose. He couldn’t be more wrong.

NANCY by Darynda Jones
Though she’s adopted by the cool kids, the new girl at Renfield High School is most drawn to Nancy Wilhoit, who claims to be haunted. But it soon becomes apparent that poltergeists—and people—are seldom what they seem.
Charlie Pearson has a crush on Stacey Wheeler. She has no idea. Charlie will make Stacey see that he loves her, and that she loves him—even if he has to kill her to make her say it.

When Marni moves in next door, the stale marriage of Tara and Aidan gets a jolt of adrenaline. Whether it’s tonic or toxic is another matter.

Dark Screams 2 was a mixed bag for me, so I had high hopes for this volume.  It has one of my favorite authors in it, so I knew it had to be good.  Unfortunately, this anthology was a pretty big let down.  That happens sometimes with anthologies.

Peter Straub is one of my all time favorite authors.  I can't even tell you what his story was about.  It made absolutely no sense to me.  I felt like I was reading gibberish and it gave me a headache.  I really don't like having to work to understand what I'm reading.  It wasn't worth it.  "Group of Thirty" had a lot of potential to be a good story.  But, honestly, the ending was dumb and a huge let down. I have read other works by Jack Ketchum, so I was surprised it was so bad.  The last story by Brian Hodge was boring and confusing.

There were two stories that stood out as being pretty OK and had they been longer, I might have been wowed by them.  "Nancy" reminded me of an R. L Stine book from the Fear Street series.  If I had to pick, it was my favorite out of the five stories.  It was spooky and would have made a good longer ghost story.  "I Love You, Charlie Pearson" had an interesting twist at the end and I would have loved for it to be longer.

Even though I was underwhelmed by this volume, I will keep reading them.  You never know when you will find a gem in the pile!

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Praise for Dark Screams: Volume One

“A wicked treat [featuring] some of the genre’s best . . . Dark Screams: Volume One is a strong start to what looks to be an outstanding series.”—Hellnotes

“A solid collection of quick reads, a nice selection of appetizers that represent the horror genre and many of its incarnations well.”—October Country
“These tales are well written, fun to read, and a great way to kill a winter afternoon. Recommended for fans of short-story collections and dark fiction!”—Horror After Dark
“If Volume One is any indication of quality, I’m all in for the rest of the series.”—Not Too Terrible

“The editors have set themselves a high bar to meet in future volumes. . . . It’s going to be a solid series.”—Adventures Fantastic

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