Thursday, May 28, 2015

Book Spotlight: Square Affair by Timmothy J. Holt

Author: Timmothy J. Holt
Publisher:Christine F Anderson Publishing and Media 
Date of publication: January 2015

In the small Midwestern town of Dewers, among the turmoil of the 1960s, the conversations of five men leads to sexual exploration, which takes them and the town on a journey through good and evil that will change the entire community and confirm the town’s resolve to survive.  

Arrested on charges of public indecency for anonymous sex in the courthouse restroom, five men reveal complex, unknown, and differing motivations for their actions. As they face not only criminal prosecution, but also the tribunal of Dewers, two questions are on their minds: Who am I, and is anyone out there like me?

Clara May and Frieda, guardians of Dewers gossip, narrate Square Affair, where the reader becomes a citizen of Dewers: walking the square, in a bar drinking, trick-or-treating, in a store buying a hat, or in a car gossiping. It is not erotic, but gives the reader an insight into the behavior’s erotic appeal.

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About the author:

Timm spent his childhood in rural Illinois, his early adult life in Chicago, and has recently returned to Chicago after a long absence. He received a BA degree in sociology from Ill Wesleyan Univ., a MPA from Roosevelt Univ., and a MD from Loyola Stritch School of Medicine. He is a retired physician with a specialty in geriatrics. He has numerous articles published in medical and trade journals, as well as, a book for the Catholic Health Association on integrating long term care services. His poetry can be found in an array of literary journals. As a playwright, Obsession, Teddy's Nightmare, and Aurora Borealis have been produced at the Marigny Community Theater in New Orleans. When he is not writing, Timm likes to travel, hang out with his partner, his 2 children, his dog Miss Otis, and his cat Goldie.

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