Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mini Musings - June Edition

Ask the Dark - Meh.  That is what I thought when the book was over.  I didn't care for the vernacular.  I found it kind of off putting and distracting.  I was expecting more of a horror story, but there really wasn't anything horror wise with this book.  It's kind of more like a coming of age story with a slight mystery. The main character stumbles on the solution instead of really figuring it out.

Falling Hard Anthology:  This one is an anthology with a mix of paranormal and erotic novellas.  Honestly, the only one that I liked out of the bunch was Tin Man's Dance.  It was a sweet story with a great ending.  The rest of them I didn't care for.

The Valentine's Arrangement: The first in the Hard Feelings series.  For the most part I liked the story. The attraction between the two was hot and instant. Although, I couldn't completely understand why Kale fell for Ronnie when she was a bitch to him most of the time.  It did have a cute HEA though.

The Renegade Hunter: 12th in the Argeneau Immortals series.  I liked this the best out of the Rogue Hunters trilogy.  Nicholas and Jo were great together.  The humor was great!  The only disappointing thing was the lack of resolution in the story arc of Annie's death and what really happened to the woman Nicholas supposedly killed.

Soil-I thought the writing style was really wonderful.  The writer had a great way of putting together words and sentences that was fabulous.  However, the storytelling was really abrupt  The story overall wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything that totally blew me away either.

We All Looked Up-This book felt like a total rip off of so many other YA books
I've read.  That might be unfair, but I'd be in one part of the book and feel like I was totally reading some other book I've read.  Then I get to another part and it would be familiar from some other book I've read.  Now, I know they say there are no new ideas under the sun, but seriously I started off the book and kept wondering if I had already read it.

Winter at the Door-Overall I really liked this book.  It was the great start to a new series.  These Maine police procedurals are very appealing to me for some reason.  Lizzie Snow seems like she will be a fun new character to read about.

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