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Blog Tour: The Wonder of All Things by Jason Mott

Author: Jason Mott
Publisher: Harlequin ( Mira)
Date of publication: July 2015

On the heels of his critically acclaimed and New York Times bestselling debut novel, The Returned, Jason Mott delivers a spellbinding tale of love and sacrifice

On an ordinary day, at an air show like that in any small town across the country, a plane crashes into a crowd of spectators. After the dust clears, a thirteen-year-old girl named Ava is found huddled beneath a pocket of rubble with her best friend, Wash. He is injured and bleeding, and when Ava places her hands over him, his wounds disappear.

Ava has an unusual gift: she can heal others of their physical ailments. Until the air show tragedy, her gift was a secret. Now the whole world knows, and suddenly people from all over the globe begin flocking to her small town, looking for healing and eager to catch a glimpse of The Miracle Child. But Ava’s unique ability comes at a great cost, and as she grows weaker with each healing, she soon finds herself having to decide just how much she’s willing to give up in order to save the ones she loves most.

Elegantly written, deeply intimate and emotionally astute, The Wonder of All Things is an unforgettable story and a poignant reminder of life’s extraordinary gifts.

After loving The Returned, I was hoping that I would like The Wonder of All Things equally. Sadly, I was disappointed and it ended up being a DNF for me.  I just had a hard time getting into the book.  I think it ended up being the premise of the story.  I found myself getting mad at the reaction of the public once Ava's gift is made known.  I do think that this is a book that will make you think.  Should a person with a gift like this be obligated to share it with the world?  My personal opinion is no.  The child is 13 and healing people clearly makes her sick. What right does anyone have to ask the child to heal them?  To me, they have none. So, in the end, I found I couldn't finish the book.  But that is on me.   I think I may be in the minority on this one.  Check out what others in the tour are saying and try it out for yourself.  

About Jason Mott

JASON MOTT holds a BA in fiction and an MFA in poetry both from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and is the author of two poetry collections. His writing has appeared in numerous literary journals, and he was nominated for the 2009 Pushcart Prize. In addition to the rare achievement of receiving starred reviews from all four of the top publishing industry magazines—Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Booklist, and Kirkus Reviews—The Returned was named a “People Pick” by People magazine, and was featured in Essence, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Post, among others.

 Mott also appeared on numerous broadcast programs including NPR’s All Things Considered and Tell Me MoreThe Travis Smiley Show, the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Radio Show and many local television shows across the U.S. Mott lives in North Carolina.

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