Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Sea Gypsy by Fern Michaels

Author: Fern Michaels
First published in 1980 by Simon and Schuster

He was a man of infinite charm and boundless magnetism. In short, Jared Parsons was not to be trusted. Cathy Bissette thought she had left everything behind--the broken heart, the publishing job, the glamour and riches of New York--for a quiet three-month vacation at home on the shores of North California.

But from the moment Jared sailed the lavish Sea Gypsy into Pamlico Sound she knew her quiet refuge was ruined. She feared this arrogant stranger and the passions he inspired!

Was she running away again? Or into the arms of the man she hated to love...?

That second to the last question in the synopsis was one I wanted to answer with the statement: "Please, run far and run fast!", repeatedly throughout  Sea Gypsy.  I'll ask again, what was with 80s romances?  If that is really the way that men treated women in 1980, I am so glad I was not an adult around then.  Did romance readers really go for this type if neanderthal jerk of a man?

I really can't recommend this early romance by Ms. Michaels.  I didn't see where they fell in love with each other.  Jared treated Cathy like crap throughout the entire book, so how exactly did she fall in love with him?  She even admits it at one point!  I'm not even sure why I finished this one.  I think I was holding out hope that Cathy would wake up, tell Jared off, and walk off into the sunset with just her dog!

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