Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Books We Didn't Finish - September Edition

Bourbon Kings - I am a big fan of this author's so I was excited to start her latest non-paranormal series.  I was hoping for something fresh and exciting.  I don't even mind family drama.  However, I ended up giving up very early into the first couple of chapters.  I hated the main characters, especially Tulane.  There was nothing likable about him.  It was hard to put it down, but I have enough other books with likable character that I would rather give my attention to.

Bennington Girls are Easy - I knew after the first chapter that I wouldn't like this book.  I didn't like the characters or their attitudes.  It definitely wasn't for me.

Immortal Crown - I was so-so on the first book, but liked it enough to try the second.  I got about halfway through and stopped.  The story was so boring. Nothing happened. I gave up when the main characters got to Arcadia. I wasn't
willing to keep reading about how the Arcadia men treated women.  I got it after the first one opened his mouth.  It's too bad because this series had potential.

Me Talk Pretty One Day - I was hoping for a Throwback Thursday read with this book.  It is a book of short essays that I guess is supposed to be funny.  I found no humor in this book at all.  I am confused by the excellent review I saw for this one.  Me?  I was bored to tears.

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