Thursday, September 17, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Do You Take This Rebel? By Sherryl Woods

Author: Sherryl Woods
First published in 2001 by Silhouette

Now Cassie Collins had returned to reconnect with her oldest friends, the Calamity Janes, and put her troubles behind her. But trouble found her in the disconcertingly sexy form of Cole Davis--father of her child. Having discovered her secret, Cole demanded a convenient marriage--or Cassie could lose her son to the powerful, wealthy Davis clan. Time hadn't dulled Cassie's anger at the man who'd betrayed her ten years ago...nor cooled the fiery attraction between them. Could she rekindle their long-lost love, and unite Cole, herself and their son in the precious bonds of family?
I really have mixed feelings about  this book.  Do You Take This Rebel is a mix of a second chance at love and a hidden child story.  I love the first and really detest the second.  In this one, Cassie and Cole were in love at a young age.  Their parents didn't want them to be together, After Cole gets sent off to college, Cassie finds out that she is pregnant and decides to leave town.  Now she is back after 10 years for her high school reunion.

Ultimately, I thought this was a sweet romance.  I loved Cole and Cassie together and it was apparent that their love never really died.  What I had a hard time with was Cassie keeping her son's paternity from Cole for so long.  I really couldn't blame him for his not trusting her after he found out. I just thought that was kind of crummy.  What I did like about the story was the friendship between the 5 high school friends.  This is the first in a series.  I look forward to reading the next one!

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