Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Mini Musings

Little Black Lies:  I reviewed the sequel to this book earlier this month.  I really enjoyed this book.  I thought it was a great mystery and was surprised in the end.  I loved Zoe's character.  It was kind of cool to see a psychiatrist going through her own therapy and dealing with ADHD.  It made her seem more realistic and human.  This is definitely a series I will keep up with!

Friction: This was enjoyable, but definitely not this author's best.  I did like the main characters, but I thought their romance was kind of lukewarm.  The mystery was also kind of so-so. The thing that made me lower my rating on this one was the father-in-law.  He was just over the top unreasonable and it got old. It was still an interesting read, but I'd say get it at the library.

All Played Out: Not my favorite out of the series.  Both main characters kind of annoyed me. Nell was a little too over the top innocent and naive for me.  Mateo was kind of annoying with his constant comparison for Nell to his ex girlfriend.  Their romance was a little lackluster for me.

The Midnight Dress: I am surprised at all of the rave reviews for this book.  I did finish it and am baffled by how many people loved this story.  I didn't at all.  I thought it was too long and kind of dull.  The back and forth timelines was an interesting concept, but it just took too long for the reveal of which girl was missing and who did it.  And I hated the ending!  It was really depressing.  I might not have minded the dullness of the story had the ending been better.  I wouldn't really recommend this one!

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