Sunday, November 8, 2015

Adrift by Paul Griffin

by:  Paul Griffin
published by:  Scholastic Press
publish date:  July 28, 2015

Matt and his best friend, John, only came out to Montauk for the summer to make a little extra cash and then head back home. A seemingly basic plan for two guys from Queens.

And then Matt meets Driana.

Because it’s always about a girl, right?

The girl leads to a party, the party leads to a boat, which leads to being adrift at sea with three rich kids who have no clue about how to navigate a boat, let alone actually survive.

I mentioned recently that I really like survival stories.  This one was no exception.  I hadn't heard of this book from any of the usual sources, so when it popped up at the library I was excited to read it.

Matt and John come from a blue collar lifestyle.  They're working hard for their summer money when they run into a group of rich kids that invite them to a party.  Matt drags John along because he wants to see more of Driana.  This turns out to be a disaster because one things leads to another and Matt, John, Driana and 2 of Driana's friends end up in a small boat out at sea.  They are totally lost with no supplies and no one knows where they are.  What they don't know is that there is a hurricane coming.  

This was a tense book.  Not everyone survives.  There's gangrene and sharks and a dead body hanging around.  However, it was a really good story.  It held my interest the entire way through.  I would recommend this book to people that like this sort of thing.  Readers with just casual interest might think it's a little overboard...hahaha see what I did there.  

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