Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Forgotten by Heather Graham

Author: Heather Graham
Publisher: Mira ( Harlequin)
Date of publication:July 2015

A woman named Maria Gomez is murdered in Miami, apparently by her husband—who'd been presumed dead, slain by a crime boss. FBI agent Brett Cody can't believe it; dead or alive, the man had loved his wife. He also can't help feeling guilty, since he was responsible for protecting Miguel and Maria Gomez.

A few miles away, Lara Mayhew has just begun working at a dolphin research facility. She loves her new job—until a dolphin brings her something unexpected from the deep. A human hand. More body parts show up, and when Brett looks into the situation, he discovers that the dismembered corpse is Miguel's.

Soon, rumors of crazed zombies abound in the Miami media, and the Krewe of Hunters, an elite FBI unit of paranormal investigators, is called in. Brett and Lara find themselves working with the Krewe—and working closely together. An elderly crime boss who's losing his memory seems to be key to solving this case, but…there's no motive. Unless Brett and Lara can uncover one in the Miami underworld. And that means they have to protect themselves. And each other.

The Forgotten is the 16th book in the Krewe of Hunters series.  For the most part, I think that it does well as a stand alone, but you might want to read, The Silenced first.  Lara, Matt and Meg are all in that book and some of the references may not make sense if you don't know their back story.  Lara, who was kidnapped in The Silenced, is now putting her life back together, living and working in Miami.  When her favorite dolphin at the SeaLife facility starts bringing up body parts, she once again gets sucked into a chilling mystery.

This time the story was focused less on ghosts and instead had some zombie action in it.  I'm not talking about The Walking Dead, eat your flesh , kind of zombie.  But more of the voodoo, brought back from the dead and made to commanded to kill zombie.  It was a cool mystery because Lara and Brett could not at first figure out how these people were coming back to life.  I liked the solution as it was a pretty cool concept.    It definitely kept me guessing.

I think this is a great addition to the series.  The next book features Brett's partner Diego and his ex-wife. She is mentioned in this book and I must say I am intrigued.  I love second chance stories.  The Hidden is on mu TBR Pile so stay tuned!

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