Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Guise of Another by Allen Eskens

by:  Allen Eskens
published by:  Seventh Street Books
publish date:  October 6th, 2015

Who was James Putnam? Answering that question may mean salvation for Alexander Rupert, a Minnesota detective whose life is in a serious downward spiral. A Medal of Valor winner, Alexander is now under subpoena by a grand jury on suspicion of corruption. He’s been reassigned to the Frauds Unit, where he is shunned by his fellow detectives, and he fears his status-seeking wife may be having an affair. When he happens across a complex case of identity theft, Alexander sees an opportunity to rehabilitate his tattered reputation.

This was one of my random library picks.  I didn't know anything about it when I started.  I ended up liking it.  

Alex Rupert is a detective going through a really rough time.  He's gone from hero to zero at work.  Suspected of corruption, his co-workers are giving him the cold shoulder and the worst cases.  He's pretty sure his wife is having an affair and he's not sure he even cares.  He throws himself into his work because that's all he has left until his corruption case is resolved.  He picks up an identity theft case that will make or break his career and his life.  

Apparently this book is a companion type book to Allen Eskens' The Life We Bury.  That book focused on his brother, another character in this book.  They are independent stories I believe so they don't necessarily need to be read in order.  Would I recommend it?  Sure, it was a pretty good book.  It got a little long and overly complicated at times, but a lot of police procedurals/thrillers usually do.

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