Thursday, October 27, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Mending Fences by Sherryl Woods

Author: Sheryll Woods
First published by Harlequin in 2007; reissued September 2016

For ten years Emily Dobbs and Marcie Carter have been the closest of friends. They've raised their kids together, shared joy and heartache, exchanged neighborhood gossip over tea. But when Marcie's son, now a college freshman sports star, is arrested for date rape, the bond between the families could be shattered forever. 

As the Carters try to deal with the unthinkable, Emily discovers her daughter has been hiding a terrible secret…a secret that threatens the futures of both families. Recently divorced, Emily struggles to keep it all together—to support her terrified daughter, to maintain her friendship with Evan's mother and to have faith in the detective who could change all of their lives. 

When things seem darkest, both she and Marcie discover that sometimes the first step toward a better future is mending fences with the past.

Mending Fences has recently been reissued by Harlequin.  It's an earlier work by this author.  But, one I'm glad they decided revive.  The Dobbs and Carters have lived next to each other for years and have been friends just as long.  When Evan Carter is arrested for raping a fellow college student, the friendship is put to the test.  

 The story isn't a "happy" one, in fact, it's pretty gut wrenching at times.  Especially when it comes to Dani and her secret.  I'm sure you can guess what it is as it's revealed pretty early on to the reader.  My heart just broke for her as well as both families. They both struggled with staying loyal and going with their gut? I won't give away too much more of the plot as it';s something you should experience for yourself.

Intertwined in the story is a little bit of a romance.  I'm not sure I totally bought into it as the timing of it was off for me.  But I guess love has its own timeline right?  In the end, I was filled with a sense of hope and justice.  I highly recommend this one.  If you didn't catch it the first time, why not give it a try now?

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