Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Promise of Pierson Orchard by Kate Brandes

Author: Kate Brandes
Publisher: Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing
Date of publication: April 2017
Long before fracking ever came to Minden, Pennsylvania, the fissures in the Pierson family were developing into major fault lines.

Green Energy arrives, offering the rural community of Minden the dream of making more money from their land by leasing natural gas rights for drilling. But orchardist, Jack Pierson, fears his brother, Wade, who now works for Green Energy, has returned to town after a twenty-year absence so desperate to be the hero that he’ll blind their hometown to the potential dangers. Jack also worries his brother will try to rekindle his relationship with LeeAnn, Jack’s wife, who’s recently left him. To protect his hometown and to fulfill a promise to himself, Jack seeks out his mother and environmental lawyer, Stella Brantley, who abandoned Minden–and Jack and Wade–many, many years ago.

I wasn't too sure how I would feel about The Promise of Pierson Orchard.  I was afraid it would be really preachy about environmental issues that go along with fracking. After reading, I felt like the book was pretty balanced in its views. I actually learned something about the process.  I also learned a bit about orchards.  Those are the aspects of the book that I really enjoyed.  But in the end, I just didn't love this book as much as I wanted to.

At the heart of the story is an intense and complex family drama.  It's told through multiple points of view.  I did like that as it gave me insight into the motivations of everyone involved.   But I have to say that I had a really hard time liking any of the characters.  I think Jack was the only one I truly felt sorry for.  The rest of them made poor decisions left and right and were rather whiny. 

LeeAnn was my least favorite. I get that she was separated, but her actions just really put me off.  I have a hard time with accepting any type of infidelity.  She and Jack hadn't even discussed that their marriage was really over, yet she sleeps with his brother.  And in the end, everyone is OK with it.  I just didn't buy it and it really ruined the story for me. 

The book has received a lot of great reviews. The writing is really good, but I just didn't buy into that one part of the story and that is on me. I think this is one book you will have to try out for yourself.  

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Kate Brandes said...

Hi Kari,

Thanks so much for having my book on your blog and for this review. I really appreciate you reading the book and also for your thoughts on the story. I hope you'll consider adding your review to Amazon so more people can read it.

Thanks again,