Friday, August 25, 2017

Blog Tour: The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky by Summer Heacock

Author: Summer Heacock
Publisher: Mira
Date of publication: July 2017

In thirty-four days, it will have been exactly two years to the day since I’ve had sex.  

Having sex wasn’t exactly high on Kat Carmichael’s priority list while her successful bakery was taking off, especially since things hadn’t been working very well in that department. And the last time she and her boyfriend, Ryan, even attempted the act, they found it to be physically impossible—resulting in pain and disappointment for Kat instead of sunshine and orgasms.

With just over a month until their four-year anniversary, Kat calls for a break in her relationship with Ryan, encouraging him to see other people while she throws herself into physical therapy. Yet even with the well-intentioned (but wildly inappropriate) attempts at help from her best friends, Kat quickly discovers that a solo mission may not be the best approach.

Fortunately, physical therapist Ben Cleary, the shop’s best (looking) customer, volunteers to help out—strictly as a friend, of course. But as the line between love and friendship begins to blur, Kat stands to lose much more than a functioning set of lady bits if she can’t figure out what to hang on to…and what to let go.

The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky was a book I was looking forward to reading.  I had seen rave reviews, so I was hoping for a funny read.  Unfortunately, I am in the minority here, I didn't love this book.  The premise of the book is that Kat has a disorder that makes intercourse very painful for her.  So she decides that after two years of doing nothing, she will take a break from her relationship of almost four years and get it sorted out.

I guess for me, I had a hard time liking Kat and her decisions.  I never really understood why she chose to take a break from the one person she wanted to be with to fix her issue.  I know Ryan found it awkward in the beginning, but if he loved her, he should be willing to help out.  That is what a relationship is all about. You take the good with the bad.   Anyway, there were a lot of awkward moments, but it was just a bit over the top for me.  I just couldn't buy into the route Kat took to fix her issue.  I mostly felt sorry for Ben.

I will say that the one thing I did like about the story was her relationship with her friends and coworkers.  They did provide some comic relief, but it wasn't enough to save the book for me.  I'll just chalk this up to being not for me.  Like I said, a lot of people loved this book, so give it a shot and see for yourself.

What others are saying:

The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky is the Cupcake Wars meets The Bloggess. Readers who love hilarious, bawdy humor with a heaping dose of swoon will adore Summer Heacock’s special debut!” -Amy E. Reichert, author of The Coincidence of Coconut Cake and The Simplicity of Cider

“Reading The Awkward Path To Getting Lucky is like hanging out with your smartest, funniest, most thoughtful and all-round favorite girlfriend. If you’re the kind of intelligent, complicated woman who Leans In at work but watches The Bachelor at home, who does yoga Saturday morning and drinks margaritas Saturday night, who can stand on her own but still wants to be swept off her feet, then this is the comfort read for you.” -Gemma Burgess, author of the Brooklyn Girls series

“Lighthearted and entertaining, Summer Heacock’s debut, The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky, is full of voice and a cast of characters that are side-splitting funny. Between the shenanigans and drool-worthy cupcake descriptions is a modern day exploration of one woman’s quest for happily ever after. — Karma Brown, bestselling author of Come Away with Me and The Choices We Make

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About Summer Heacock

Summer Heacock is an author of contemporary women’s fiction and prances through life like a Disney cartoon that says the “F” word a lot. She lives in a teeny Indiana town, where she’s a stay-at-home-mom to two scampy tots, wife to an amazingly understanding husband, herder of a rescue critter menagerie and collector of life-size celebrity cardboard cutouts. When not writing or hoarding jellybeans, she’s a member of the Midwest Writers planning committee and a cohost of PubTalkTV. She can be found at and on Twitter as @Fizzygrrl. The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky is her debut novel.

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Alyssa Nelson said...

I'm with you -- the premise doesn't make very much sense. If they're truly in a good relationship, why would she break it off instead of asking him to support her? Very strange. I hope your next read is better!

Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book for the tour.