Thursday, August 24, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Bridget by Linda Lael Miller

Author: Linda Lael Miller
First published in 2000 by Pocket Books

They are the women of Primrose Creek, and their strength and passion is a match for the Nevada frontier they call home. Linda Lael Miller masterfully captures the hardships and dangers of a country swept by the winds of war -- and the daring and determination, the hopes and dreams of four unforgettable women -- in a thrilling new series. When Bridget McQuarry comes to settle in Primrose Creek, she has nothing to lose; her husband, Mitch, was killed in the Civil War, and she has lost her family farm to ruinous Reconstruction taxes. With her baby son and a sister to care for, Bridget vows to make a new start out West. But when Mitch's best friend reappears in her life, he sparks a forbidden passion she thought was forever buried.

Trace Qualtrough grew up with Bridget and Mitch -- three happy childhood friends. But the attraction that fluttered between him and Bridget was silenced when she married Mitch. Now, Trace has come to fulfill Mitch's final wish -- to watch over the lovely, spirited Bridget. And now, Bridget and Trace must discover if their restless desire is a shattering betrayal -- or something sweeter the second time around.

I'll be honest, I didn't love this one.  I'm a big fan of Linda Lael Miller, but this early work just wasn't what I have come to expect form her.  Bridget lost everything in the civil war and has moved her son and sister out west for a new start.  Her best childhood friend has followed her and wants to make a life with her.

I just wasn't feeling it with this book. I found Bridget's treatment of Trace exhausting.  He was trying to help her and she treated him like dirt.  For something that wasn't his fault.  The affection was one sided for way too long and I wasn't convinced in the end that they were in love.  The end action scene didn't make much sense to me.  But I will admit that I did skim parts of the book, so that may have had a factor in my confusion.  In all, I wouldn't really recommend this one.  I may try the second one, but it won't be a priority.

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