Saturday, August 26, 2017

Books We Didn't Finish August edition

The Hot One: I was really hoping for a good true crime book. Unfortunately, I didn't get it.  I made it a little over half way through before I gave up.  I know that the author was childhood friends with the deceased, but I had to really question her motivation for writing this book.  The trial isn't even over and she publishes a book on it.  It came across as a money grab to me.  It was also rather unexciting.

Dreamfall:  This one was abandoned at about 35%.  The major issue I had with the story was the forgettable characters. I just never felt invested in them.  I also think that knowing what was going on from the start kind of ruined the mystery for me.  Even though the kids in the dream land don't really understand what is happening, the reader does from the start.  I think I would have liked it more had I discovered what was going on right along with the kids.

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