Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Books We Didn't Finish - November Edition

The Last Mrs. Parrish:   I got about 30% in and gave up.  I didn't like the main character at all. I wasn't interested in finding out what happened to the characters.

Strange Weather: This compilation was a complete fail for me.  The first story was so boring and really had nothing to offer. I didn't get the point of it. It was the second one that made me give up on the stories.  I really don't want a lecture on gun control when I am reading for pleasure.  I couldn't bring myself to finish the last two stories.

Children of Eden:  I really think the author of this book should stick to YouTube.  This book was  in serious need of an editor.  It had a good premise, but the writing was terrible.  Also, if you are going to pick a narrator for your audio-book, then choose one that can make the characters distinguishable through different voices.  Everyone sounded the same in the audio.

Dancing at Midnight: I wanted to read this for a Throwback Thursday post.  However, I gave up about 30% in.  I jsut couldn't get into the story.  I didn't like either main character.  The dialogue was stilted and forced.

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Burma Turner said...

I absolutely loved The Last Mrs Parrish. It was amazing, one of the best books I have read this year. :) We all have different tastes!