Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November Mini Musings

The Governess Game:  I loved the first book, The Duchess Deal. So I was eager to read this one.  I was disappointed when it ended up only being an OK read.  The book had a lot of the humor I liked in the first one. The doll's daily deaths were hilarious.   But the characters were pretty forgettable.  There was no chemistry between the main characters.  I found myself really pushing to finish the book.

Full Tilt:  This was a fun YA read.  I enjoyed the characters. After surviving a tragic bus accident as a child, Blake is afraid to really do anything in his life.   I liked the use of a enchanted and deadly carnival rides as a way to help the main character, Blake, overcome his fears.  He also learns how to be closer to his younger not often understood brother.  The ending was perfect.  Definitely recommend this one to any YA reader.

The Ruins:  This has gotten rave reviews, but I found it kind of a boring horror novel.  I haven't seen the movie.  I didn't feel like there were many surprises once you figure out what is going on.  The ending was kind of meh.  It was short, so it had that going for it.

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