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2 in 1 Review: Issued to the Bride: One Airman & One Sniper by Cora Seton

Publisher: One Acre Press
Date of publication: April 2017

Airman Connor O’Riley never believed in love until he saw proof of it in the most unlikely place--a battlefield in the middle of the Syrian civil war. Now he's in hot water with the Air Force, and if he wants to clear his name he'll have to put his new-found belief in love to the test--by convincing his superior officer's daughter to marry him. 

Sadie Reed is done with love. Her poor choices nearly got her sisters killed when she fell for a man entrenched in the drug trade. She’s ready to leave Chance Creek—just as soon as her sister returns from her honeymoon. So when a handsome airman shows up at Two Willows, with orders from her father to help Sadie build a legacy project, she gives Connor one month to get it done. 

Connor never thought he’d fall for Sadie, but when he learns she means to leave, he knows far more than his mission--and his future--is at stake. Can he convince her to stay? 

Or will love remain out of his reach for good? 

This is the second one in the series and features Sadie and Connor.  Sadie has a gift for hearing and knowing what the plants want to grow.  But since the attack on the ranch, she can't feel a thing.  When Connor shows up, she quickly realizes that he might be the key to helping her gift to come back.  

This one was cute.  I'm not sure I liked it as much as the first one.  I didn't like how everyone kept thinking Connor was betraying Sadie just by talking to the bartender in a bar.  Just because a guy smiles and maybe flirts a little doesn't mean they are going to be unfaithful.  I thought that was all a bit much.  Besides, he did have a reason for doing it.  He was also kind of a flirty guy.  I liked him more than I liked Sadie.  She was a bit too weepy for me.  But I thought her gift was kind of neat. The ending was pretty nail-biting.  It was a good addition to the series.

Publisher: One Acre Press

Date of publication: June 2017

Sniper Hunter Powell thought he lost everything when he took the rap for a crime he didn't commit in order to save a friend. Now he's got a chance to redeem himself. There's only one catch--he has to leave the military, settle down on a Montana ranch--and marry a woman he's never met before. A woman so young and sheltered he can’t believe she’ll have any interest in a hardened warrior like him—even if her fierce independence, hot-tempered humor, and unexpected beauty has got him plenty interested in her.

Jo Reed watched two of her sisters marry the men her father sent to help them on the family ranch, so when Hunter arrives, she’s ready for him. She doesn’t want a husband; she wants a house of her own where she can call the shots—and if the Navy SEAL wants to stay, he’d better build it to her specifications. More to the point, he’d better stop kissing her.

Hunter knows he’s not supposed to build Jo a house—he’s supposed to marry her. But first he’s got to earn her trust—and stop treating her like a new recruit. The longer he’s around the headstrong woman, the more he wants to be around her. 

Despite her best intentions, Jo’s falling for the Navy SEAL, but she’s already been unlucky in love twice. Will the third time around be the charm? 

This is the third book in the series and so far, it's my favorite.  This is Jo and Hunter's story.  Jo has a problem with people leaving her.  She has to come to trust that Hunter will stay, but the secret he is keeping just may make him have to leave.  

I loved this couple.  I loved watching them fall for each other and gain trust.  Hunter's big secret was honorable, if not a bit misguided.  Better communication would have kept him out of his mess, but then he never would have met Jo.  Still, they don't call it tough love for nothing.  I loved the ending.  I'm hoping the General is closer to going home.  He needs to reconnect with his girls!

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